Frequently Asked Questions

The basic rule involves fulfilling the visa requirements which are as follows:

For teaching English the minimum qualifications are stated as having English as a first language and having at least a Bachelor’s degree and two years’ teaching experience. The age limit for male applicants is 18 – 60, and 18 – 55 for female applicants. However, there is some flexibility in these requirements so if you can find a willing employer they still have a chance of obtaining approvals for you.

Exact experience and qualification requirements will be detailed in the job description.

Shine has a rigorous recruitment process designed to ensure that candidates selected to be recommended to work in China have the appropriate qualifications, skills and knowledge combined with a positive ‘can do’ attitude and adventurous spirit. Candidate criminal record history will be checked. Please bear in mind each individual Chinese employer will have their own requirements which will be shown on the advert.

As long as you meet the requirements of the role you will be considered. You might need to undertake further processes to meet visa requirements.

We can check the suitability of your qualifications to meet the requirements of each role. Your qualifications must be relevant and we will check if they are genuine and recognised. Please check visa requirements.

This depends on the role in question and the quality and number of candidates applying. You could always ask to join our pipeline of candidates to go on the waiting list so that we match you to the most appropriate role as they come in to us.

The visa application process can take a few weeks to process and we will point you in the right direction. Essentially, you will need a Z type visa which is valid for 30 days. You must then apply for a temporary residence visa in conjunction with your Chinese employer; this can last from 90 days to five years.

Training will depend on the requirements of the role and the needs of your Chinese employer.

It is always good to learn a few basic phrases and this will be well received by your Chinese colleagues.

Yes, you will have local support from an International Liaison Officer. This person will be bilingual and will be more than happy to help you. We only work with Chinese companies that provide this level of support.

Speak to the staff at Shine Recruitment – you can always email us at [email protected]

Shine recruitment works with selected Chinese companies that have all been visited personally and checked to make sure they have a positive educational ethos centered on providing high quality childcare.

This will depend on your Chinese employer. We encourage them to provide accommodation that is in the same location as other foreign teachers at the same company. This way you will have some like-minded individuals to hand that speak English so that you can build friendships and share your knowledge, experience and leisure time. More seasoned individuals may well want to have their own accommodation.

Shine Recruitment operates a reflective practice approach to moving forward and resolving any issues in a positive manner. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with a subject title of ‘complaint’ or ‘feedback’ to ensure our earliest attention. Any complaints are immediately sent to a Director of the company because any such matters are treated seriously.

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